The story

With the accommodation of the role of mother, I was continuously looking for people who would understand me, with whom I could resonate, with whom I could consult, with whom I could cry or comfort myself. For me,  www.wowmom.roit is the place where I can share all my thoughts and experiences, mine and the mothers next to me, because I know that together we can evolve. So it is also about you and your stories. We listen, read, tell stories, see each other, laugh, share and support each other. From the moment I started this project, together with Mama Boutique, I have the feeling of fulfillment, which for me is more important than any numbers that look good on paper. Of course I don't ignore the numbers, they confirm to me that we are growing day by day, which is why I am even more motivated to honor my clear vision of creating a community about women, for women, that delivers not only products, but also education and services - all based on the values ​​I always follow.