Pink crib bumpers

135,00 lei

The pink individual protections are grouped in sets of 6 pieces.

They are attached to each side of the cot separately with a zipper.

We recommend mounting the protections with the zipper down and then arranging them with the zipper on the side for safety and design.

The protections have a sponge inside, which is why, if you wash them at home, dry them in the air, but not directly in the sunlight, in order not to discolor/color the sponge on the inside.

We know how important it is to protect your little one when he is in his bed, so we offer you this unique set of parts for the protection of the crib.

This product will provide the little one with protection without obstructing the interaction with the parents.

You can easily see the little one.

No more bending over the bed.

The bed rails can be dressed individually very easily and super cool with these colorful pieces.

Each of them is provided with a zipper, so installation is very easy.

We recommend that the zip fastening be done downwards.

The protection is made of 100% cotton on the outside, sponge on the inside and is pink in color.

Dimensions: height 55 cm, width 12 cm, thickness 2 cm

PREMIUM BRAND DADA&ROCCO Created and made in Croatia, EU.

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