WoW MoM® Black T-Shirt Pink Glitter

119,00 lei

WoW MoM® Black T-Shirt with Pink Glitter is a wow gift idea for moms.

Any occasion is perfect, a gift for March 8, a gift for her birthday, a gift just for the simple fact that she is always there.

I liked the idea of ​​choosing bright pink because it is the color of harmony and compassion, love and purity, being the most romantic color.

Pink seen often improves relationships with others, strengthens personal energy, increases motivation and brings faith that anything is possible, and a mother needs all these things and more, she deserves them.

You can complete the gift with wow blouses and t-shirts for each member of your family.

The model of the WoW MoM t-shirt is slim fit.

If you like wider models, we advise you to order a larger number.

Material composition 100% cotton.

Wash at 40*.

WoW MoM® is a registered trademark of SC WOW MOM SRL

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