WoW MoM® Green Glitter Tshirt

119,00 lei

Women's WoW MoM® Glitter green t-shirt is the ideal gift for mom, for her birthday, the perfect gift for March 8, for the fact that she is.

The color green symbolizes safety, security - that feeling you get when you think of it every time.

From a psychological perspective, the color green supports the creation of an emotional balance between mind and soul.

I chose this color in the idea that together with the strong message (WoW MoM), it helps you feel better when you are mentally and/or physically tired. You can complete the gift with wow blouses and t-shirts for the whole family, from grandchildren to grandparents.

The t-shirt model is slim fit, tight on the body. If you like loose T-shirts, order a bigger size than you normally wear.

Material composition - 100% cotton. Wash at 30*.

WoW MoM® is a registered mark.

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